I love the things that can be made of words.

We order them into tweets and wedding vows, websites and recipes so that we may say to each other this is who I am or this is what I love or this is where I hurt or this is how to make a cherry pie. We use words so that we might be known, and feel a little closer. We use words so that we can ink the bigness of love and grief and birth and beauty onto a page, so that we might understand those things of Life better. And so we might find our ways to the places we’re whole.

Mostly, I write essays, erotica, writing guidebooks, websites, and — not as strange as it sounds — notes from Nature.

where & how I use words:

Personal projects

Coming soon

Em Demaison

Woman-friendly erotic micro-fiction


Intuitive flower readings

Pink Elephant Academy

Writing Academy for Small Business

Pink Elephant Creative

Elegantly written, smartly designed websites