Communicating with care is peace work.

I practice and teach the art of intentional written communication — with nature, intuition, and each other — for a more peaceful, connected world.

Communicating with each other

I offer writing guidance and ghostwriting services for people and social movements who have meaningful — and often difficult — messages to communicate. Together, let’s author a better, kinder, truer world.

ghostwriter Carrie Klassen writing at a desk

Have me write for you
(with your support).

I work with personal and business clients to write letters, speeches, eulogies and obituaries, curriculum and training materials, missions, meditations, websites, social posts, apps, and even sometimes that really sensitive text. Anything that feels hard to write but important to express, I would love to help you put it to words.

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Write for yourself
(with my support).

When we have something difficult to write or communicate, starting can be the hardest part. How do we find that beginning point? And once begun, how do we express everything we want to say so that it can be received and understood? To support you, I’m developing a collection of step-by-step writing guidebooks for specific, differently-hard writing projects.

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I’m Carrie, but my dad called me Care.

I’ve been a professional writer, ghostwriter, and communicator for two decades. I’m also a city girl who grows tomatoes, harvests purslane, and feels most understood by the wild phlox that sprang up in her backyard one summer. I help people take care in finding the words for hard, beautiful, and important things. And I help people use intentional language to deepen relationships with nature, ourselves, and each other. Read more →

This is a gift.

Making the Internet a Place of Belonging is a very, very introductory guide to inclusive writing for writers who care about words and don’t want to leave anyone out. It’s a practical starting place for considering (and reconsidering) the language we use around gender, race, disability and illness, and it includes tips for writing our websites (and social media posts) in ways that are friendlier to screen-readers, too. Words are another way to care.

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Carrie Klassen’s writing is like her — clear, open-hearted, and wise. Reading what she writes gives me clarity and nuance, makes me more compassionate and open-minded, helps me understand more deeply the world and myself.

Oriah “Mountain Dreamer” House, author of The Invitation

Communicating with nature

From the time I was a girl, I would talk to flowers. It was while pregnant with our daughter that I remembered how to hear them talking back. Then, after my father’s death, a period in which I felt a heightened sense of liminality, I began writing down the messages to share with people. Thanks to my own teachers and mentors, I believe, with a little guidance and intentional practice, we can all communicate and correspond with nature. And in doing so through written language, we can make more tangible the beauty and necessity of interconnection and interdependence and our own essential place in nature. The quickest way to peace I know is to remember, in this way, who we really are.

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